Education is the prime importance and it was undergone a tremendous change with the passage of time. Education prepares the citizens of tomorrow. A school is ultimately only as good as its teachers. Each faculty member had an excellent academic career coupled with professional training in teaching. As far as academic curriculum goes, Vikalp follows the CBSE syllabus for all its classes From I to X. Well equipped laboratories are provided to ensure that students get adequate exposure in their practical classes. Our trained teachers implement multiple intelligences, hands on interactive and accelerated methods of teaching that nurtures the whole child. Quality education for every student is the aim and children are urged to limit dependence on private tuitions. Our effort is to encourage self-learning, while developing the mind, body and spirit. With our methodology we make our students academically strong and able to diagnose own strengths and weaknesses, talented and resourceful in multiple wap, fluent in spoken English with a rich vocabulary, ability to distinguish right from wrong, conscious of others and service oriented.

The education system of school is totally based on the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive evaluation) to ensure overall development & assessment of the students in all spheres-be it physical, social, emotional or intellectual. Time to time, various talent search Examinations are conducted to provide more exposure to the students. Time to time, workshops for the teachers are organized to up-date the knowledge of the teachers. Various subject Quiz, Group Discussions, Extempore, Conversations subjects Olympiads are regularly organized.

a)     Methods and Materials

Vikalp is not just a school; it’s a way of life. It gives a child a balanced development of body, mind, heart and spirit. We provide hands on interactive and accelerated method of teaching, leveled systematically from easy to difficult, the Tier books and Maxim books set clear standard. The ongoing diagnostic and formative feed along with self evaluation make children better partners in their own learning process, practice materials focus on the application of lesson learned, accelerated learning is facilitated by a highly scientific and systemic process. The core subject begins with dramatic presentation and hands on interactive presentation. We provide the study materials as, course books, integrative and creative workbooks, fully integrated teacher and parent’s guidelines, English reading programme complete with story book and reading logs, assessments that inspire and empower.

b)    Assessment & Reporting

Most assessment compare students with each other but we provide assessments that inspire and empower. These assessments avoid such comparisons as the focus is on improvement and progress against one’s own starting point. They are based on the premise of “COMPETE WITH YOURSELF”. Best progress is achieved when a child complete with him or herself. Competition with oneself creates greater excellence. It provides a more powerful ethic in the education of children.

Inspire dynamic assessment are ongoing/continuous diagnostic and formative assessments that provide instant feedback for the teacher and the taught. Course work is divided into six tiers so there are six assessments in each subject through the year.

There are two sets of empower assessments. Mid-Term and Year-End assessments.

Reports (Twice a year)

Every student gets a personalized empowers report twice a year.

Remedial teaching and enrichment become systematic and efficient with these reports.

c)     Training & Support

Training is an integral part in the Nurture Programmes. The target for all teachers is a minimum of 100 hours of training at the copper level in three years. Along with training, teachers earn a certificate of proficiency in the “Copper to Gold” Gems.

Fundamental skills Training Programme of the council for Global Education. We have excellent support by the Nurture team. The training session for the teachers, equipped them to implement the materials in the programme. The programme is child centered, we have a support for supervision and quality assurance, procedures and guidelines. Detailed Micro and Macro planning that improves effectiveness and saves time.

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